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Minimizing Dental Clinical Infection
Posted By : Dr Kunal Bnaka  |  Posted Date : 2017-05-09

There are a wide variety of infections which are found in a dental office and can be spread. But such infections can be avoided and the risk can be completely vanished. This can be obtained by the awareness of patients and the readiness of the dentist to spend that extra amount of time and money towards infection control. 

Dental Economics - An Insight
Posted By : Dr Kunal Bnaka  |  Posted Date : 2017-04-18

Very often dental treatment is associated with heavy expenses. It is true that dental treatment is expensive, but it is surprising to know that it is much less expensive than most other general body treatments. For instance , a cardiac surgery  costs in lakhs (varying at various centres)  but in contrast ninety five percent of dental treatments are much cheaper. This is a very sensitive and touchy topic to talk about but a very important one.


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