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Minimizing Dental Clinical Infection

Posted By : Dr Kunal Bnaka  |  Posted Date : 2017-05-09

Any person goes to a dental clinic for relief of pain and solution to his dental problems. Some times due to negligence of dental office staff infections are transmitted from one patient to another or to dental staff and the doctor. Such an incidence is very unfortunate and caused completely due to ignorance of dentist and lack of knowledge on patient’s part.

There are a wide variety of infections which are found in a dental office and can be spread. But such infections can be avoided and the risk can be completely vanished. This can be obtained by the awareness of patients and the readiness of the dentist to spend that extra amount of time and money towards infection control. Very often i see patients who complain that they have acquired some oral infections after getting treated at some other clinic. This is sad because we live in an era where knowledge is abundant and resources are many. These things can be strictly stopped.

The patient walking in to a dental clinic should be well aware of the procedure of the treatment and he/she has the right to know about it. The dentist  has the following optins to decontaminate his clinic:

1)      Autoclave: this is the backbone of any sterilisation protocol. All the instruments should be autoclaved so that all the bacteria and viruses are killed.

2)      Hot air oven: all the instruments should be kept in a hot air oven after they are autoclaved.

3)      UV chamber: this is the place to store all the equipments after sterilisation.


In addition to this the surface in the clinic should be washed and mopped with antibacterial chemicals. In some cases fumigation is advocated.


The patients should take care that  the glasses they are using in the clinic are disposable and are not reused. In addition to this the gloves of the dentist should be discarded after every use and should in no case be reused by washing. The patient should be careful that the syringe that is being used is new and has not been used on any other patient.


When i write this , i do not mean that all the doctors are not following these protocols. Almost all of us take extreme care to eradicate infection in clinic. But to err is human.

If by mistake some things are not taken care of ,the patient has every right in everyone’s interest and safety to correct or question the doctor.


In my clinic i personally take care of sterilisation and hygiene. All the equipments and instruments  undergo triple sterilisation before reching the  oral cavity . the instrument are first washed in a chemical and then they are autoclaved , hot air oven  and then exposed to UV chamber.  Before use the equipments are again sprayed by a disinfectant.

Slight awareness on the patients part and vigilance by the dentist can take the art of dentistry to great heights. 

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